Autism articles

This is a page to link to all of the older blog posts talking about autism.

What is Autism? A different way of thinking about it – Part 1

Yesterday I had a sensory meltdown, today I love graphs

16% and why reasonable adjustments are important

What is “Social Camouflaging” and how is it different in the Autistic Community

Weighing in on Weighted Blankets

Health Inequalities in Autism – Part 1

Helping autistic people access healthcare – Healthcare Passports

Helping autistic people access healthcare – Hospital Bag

Shaping me: Autism and computer games

The Good Doctor reviews:

It’s 4:20 for “The Good Doctor” as it talks about the use of cannabis in Autism and face transplants

“Risks and Rewards” beautifully leads a character to question – Is Shaun a risk worthy of the rewards?

“The Good Doctor” produces a low tension episode after last week’s high leaving me feeling deflated