Art Day!

Hey all – I’m not doing a full length post today (I had a pretty bad night’s sleep and have had a headache through most the day – woo for post-meltdown fatigue!) But instead I did a bit of drawing that I wanted to share.


So for this one I drew the entry point when coming into Gridania on the game Final Fantasy XIV. I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and have been interested in it for many many years. Given that I have produced a walkthrough guide from memory for my partner when we started dating – it’s pretty safe to say that this is one of my special interests and is probably the longest lasting interest I’ve had.

A few thoughts from doing this drawing:

  1. Absolute respect to the art team for this game – there were so many details involved in this! The people at Square Enix did a really good job with making a beautiful world.
  2. I used a few techniques I haven’t before (using bolder lines and dot effects to try and get colours to blend in a different way).
  3. I love the multicoloured flower roofs that exist here – they are just lovely and good fun to play around with.

This was a fun thing to do and a nice one to help me to recharge a bit. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post that I’m quite excited about – it should be part of a regular series that will happen on Wednesday’s each week for a while at least where I take the ABC show ‘The Good Doctor’ and break it down for medical accuracy and how it does on autism representation. I’m hoping that it should be really fun to do and provide a good amount of material to talk about.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Hope you have a good day!

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